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Hello Mother. Hello Father.

No time to send a letter?  Send a one-way email to your camper and they will receive it the next day!

Registered families follow the link to your CampInTouch Account.

Send an email to your camper (we receive them the next day, so don’t send one on check-out day)

*There is a nominal fee for this service.  However, a portion of these fees go to CCO’s Camp Fire Circle Scholarship every year.

Photo Expectations

Capturing the magic of camp is what we strive to do with a Media Intern on staff. We ask them to take pictures daily and try to upload a minimum of 25 per day.

With 300 kids per week, running over 100 acres of land and taking trips into the back country, it is tough to capture everyone every day. Each Sunday we post pictures of the cabin groups (if they are new that week) so we know we will have a picture of every child. You can download those pictures for free from your CampInTouch account (same link as above).

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