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Additional Adventure. Additional Growth.

At CCO, we offer a veriety of additional options to add on more adventure for your week. We recommend choosing one or two additional options, rather than all, to ensure your camper is still able to participate in other camp activities with their cabin group. The activities and options listed below are the only add ons availalbe, all other programming is included in the cost of camp.

Guided by MAD Adventures, this half-day rafting trip takes campers down a stretch of the Upper Colorado River at Gore Canyon near Kremmling, CO. MAD Adventures is licensed and all their staff are first aid/CPR and whitewater rescue certified. Each raft will have a MAD Adventures Guide, a CCO staff and campers. Everyone is required to wear personal flotation devices and a helmet provided by the guide, and go through a safety orientation prior to boarding the vessel. *A waiver is required to participate.

High ropes has three main functions; building self-confidence, building trust in others, and fun! Our course is 55-feet tall at the tallest point of the zip line, however most of the elements on the course are less than 50-feet in the air and still challenging. CCO will provide all safety gear for climbers and we do safety checks on all equipment prior to use daily. Each camper signed up will have this as a 2-hour session for 2 days.

Camp Chief Ouray offers five levels of riding instruction. Campers will gain confidence and learn valuable horsemanship skills. Each Monday, riders are evaluated to ensure that they have been placed in the correct level of instruction. If our Barn Director determines that a rider belongs in a level different from the one they are registered for, they will be transferred to ensure that they will have a positive riding experience.

Campers spend either two hours in the morning or afternoon at the CCO Barn learning how to care for horses and improve their riding skills. The remainder of the day is spent participating in traditional camp activities. We anticipate to offer three to five days at the barn for our riders, but will make modifications to offer less days at the barn in the event our herd of horses’ health must be prioritized. In the event there is inclement weather, we make every attempt to continue lessons if it is safe for our horses and riders, otherwise we will continue with ground lessons inside the barn.

Horseback riding instruction can be added to any of our Traditional/Challenger/Two-Week Camp Sessions for an extra fee. Don’t wait, these do fill up. If you sign your camper up for rafting as well, they will miss their Thursday instruction.

For those who wish to participate in the horseback riding program but find the price a deterrent, scholarships are available! Click here for more information on the David Hooker Fund.

Horse Levels: Tenderfoot through High Rider

Level 1 Tenderfoot: Learn the Basics (Ages 9-13)
Beginning riders will learn how to handle a horse on the ground and in the saddle. This includes learning how to lead and tie a horse correctly, as well as hoof picking, grooming, and saddling a horse. They will also learn basic riding position and how to control and steer a horse at a walk. This program will run for three days per week.
Prerequisite: Desire to learn about horses. 

Level 2 Cowpoke: Learn to Trot (Ages 9-13)
Cowpokes continue the training received in Tenderfoot, but this level adds the additional challenge of learning to control a horse at a trot. This gait is faster and bouncier than the walk. To advance to the next level, riders are expected to maintain their riding position and control the horse at this faster gait. This program will run for four days per week. 
Prerequisite: Know how to lead, groom, bridle and saddle, and control the horse at a walk. 

Level 3 Wrangler: Learn to Canter (Ages 10+)
Wranglers are expected to have mastered the basic ground skills (leading, grooming, and tacking) and be comfortable controlling the horse at a walk and trot while maintaining their riding position. In this level, riders learn how to control the horse at a canter which is a smoother, but much faster gait than the trot. To advance to the next level riders must be able to groom and tack their horse, have mastered control of the horse and be able to maintain basic riding position at all gaits. This program will run for five days per week.
Prerequisite: Know how to lead, groom, bridle, saddle, and control the horse at a walk and trot. 

Level 4 Trail Blazer: Hit the Trail (Ages 11+)
Trail Blazers learn basic trail riding skills and are able to walk, trot and canter on trail. The first day, riders are evaluated in the ring. They are expected to groom and tack on their own and be completely comfortable at the walk, trot and canter. To advance to the next level riders must show exceptional control and maintain their riding position in the arena and on trail. This program will run for five days per week.
Prerequisite: Know how to groom, bridle, saddle, and control the horse at a walk, trot and canter.  Previous trail riding experience. 

Level 5 High Rider: (Ages 12+: By Invitation Only, Session 4 only)
This is the highest level in the CCO Riding Program. High Riders learn advanced horsemanship skills and perform in the Camp Rodeo. These riders are expected to be able to control horses at all gaits and maintain good riding position while doing events like barrel and pole racing. This program will run for five days per week, both morning and afternoon activities. High Riders do not sign up for additional camp activities.

This one time, 30 minute trail ride is perfectly suited to the camper who is a novice around horses, or just curious to try it out for future lessons. Run through the CCO barn, campers explore CCO on horseback! Not recommended for those who are in lessons.

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