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2015 Theme Weeks

  • Session 1 - Harry Potter
  • Session 2 - Jurassic Park
  • Session 3 - Frozen
  • Session 4 - Rodeo Roundup
  • Mini Camp 1 - Neverland
  • Session 5 - Pirates vs. Ninjas
  • Session 6 - Big Hero Week
  • Session 7 - Spy Week
  • Session 8 - Shark Week
  • Session 9 - Hunger Games Week

Challenger Program

The Challenger Program is for the oldest campers in Traditional Camp. This program offers them a choice of activities and provides an opportunity for greater personal challenge. This program is comprised of two cabins, one male (Teton) and one female (Dakota). Challenger campers stay in these larger cabins with three counselors per cabin for each cabin group of 20 campers. We have made some changes to the challenger schedule; camp out on a different night, Vespers just with the challengers and a lot more time to hang out and just be with challengers.

Special Challenger activities include:

  • Mountain Biking
  • Hiking (all day hike up to the 5th peak of Snow Mountain)
  • Ultimate Frisbee
  • Dinner at Tipi Village hosted by Leadership Training Campers
  • Camp out

Activities requiring advance registration and additional fees:

  • Rafting
  • High Ropes Course (with a zip line)
  • Horseback Riding Instruction
  • Beginner Horseback Trail Ride