Camp Images

2015 Theme Weeks

  • Session 1 - Harry Potter
  • Session 2 - Jurassic Park
  • Session 3 - Frozen
  • Session 4 - Rodeo Roundup
  • Mini Camp 1 - Neverland
  • Session 5 - Pirates vs. Ninjas
  • Session 6 - Big Hero Week
  • Session 7 - Spy Week
  • Session 8 - Shark Week
  • Session 9 - Hunger Games Week

Seasonal Staff Members

Our seasonal staff are the best of the best. We have a good mix of returners and new staff members. We look for adults who are enthusiastic about working with children in the outdoors, everything else we can train. 

All of our staff (including kitchen and maintenance) are fingerprinted, background checked through FBI, CBI, and TRAILS, a check on the National Sex Offenders sites, have reference checks, plus go through multiple training on Child Abuse Prevention. We are licensed by Colorado Child Care following all laws, and we are accredited through the American Camp Association (ACA) and Praesidium.

2019 Summer Staff

*Returning staff

Head Cook: Chad Fossen*

Assistant Kitchen Manager:

Kitchen Staff:

  • Anahy Barreda (MEX)

Assistant Summer Camp Director: Claudia Nunez-Medina*

Barn Director: Emma Marshall*

Challenger Director: Greg Clemmons*

Two-Week Village Director: Britt Warrick

CIT Coordinators:

  • Karina Thompson*
  • Jacob Dahl*

Health Center Assistant: Ryan Pelton*

Master of Fun & Games: Elsa Roeber*

Ropes Director: Paige Feehery*

Male Village Leader: Marc Lacrampe*

Female Village Leader: Kristen Weber*

Office Assistant: Jaclynn Wood*

Arts & Crafts Coordinator: Cassidy Brennan*

General Cluster Coordinator:

Target/Outdoors Coordinator: Ethan Brown* (UK)

Horse Specialist: Michael Chavez*

Wrangler: Christine Slover*

Trail Department Coordinator: John Wendt*

Media Interns:

  • Kenzie Kapperman


  • S1: Gretchen Brown, Head Nurse*
  • S2: Shelby Hendrick*/Don Killilea*
  • S3: Kathy Carroll*
  • S4:
  • S5: Chandra Williams*
  • S6: Jaclyn Sumstine*
  • S7: Linda Weber*
  • S8: Steve Roy*
  • S9: Monica Spence*
  • Mini Camp:

LIT Leaders:

  • Enya Brass*
  • Gabe Atchley*

SIT Leaders:

  • Sylvia Johnson*
  • Sam Marshall*

Trip Leaders:

  • Ryan Fitzsimmons*
  • Grace Quinlan*

International Trip Leaders:

  • Rosie O’Connor*

Male Cabin Counselors:

  • Dane Desai*
  • Jack Torgler*
  • Parker Raybourne*
  • Toby Lidov
  • John ‘Ace’ Fillion

Female Cabin Counselors:

  • Avery Ahern
  • Maggie Foa
  • Aurora Slaughter
  • Bella Monk
  • Renee Crowe (AUS)
  • Kate Hoffman
  • Emma Fiedler
  • Margot Kilroy
  • Katia Bautista (MEX)
  • Janine Zimbeck

Challenger Counselors:

  • Adam Snow*
  • Charlie Hook*
  • Jensen Hill*
  • Allie Corboy*
  • Celeste Wilson*

Cabin Counselor – Wranglers:

  • Christi Morin*
  • Danielle Morin*
  • Mauricio Aviles (MEX)