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2015 Theme Weeks

  • Session 1 - Harry Potter
  • Session 2 - Jurassic Park
  • Session 3 - Frozen
  • Session 4 - Rodeo Roundup
  • Mini Camp 1 - Neverland
  • Session 5 - Pirates vs. Ninjas
  • Session 6 - Big Hero Week
  • Session 7 - Spy Week
  • Session 8 - Shark Week
  • Session 9 - Hunger Games Week

Camp Scholarship Fund

Camp Chief Ouray believes that every family and child deserves the chance to experience the wonder of camp and the opportunity to benefit from the camp experience. Camp Chief Ouray is committed to providing this opportunity to children of all ages, backgrounds, abilities and incomes who will benefit by growing in spirit, mind, and body.

Scholarships are awarded based on need and a first come, first served basis. There is no deadline for your application however spaces are not saved for scholarship applicants. To ensure a place in a camp session with a financial scholarship, we highly recommend you complete the on-line registration and submit your scholarship application as soon as possible. All information supplied will be held in the strictest confidence.

Please note that the policy of our program is to award scholarships for children to attend one week of camp and the award will only be awarded towards the base fees. Additional options such as rafting or transportation are not included. If your camper wishes to attend a more expensive program such as Trekker Trips or LTP Programs, the maximum scholarship will not exceed the base scholarship given for traditional camp.

Scholarship Application

Thanks to the generous donations of many people, Camp Chief Ouray has been fortunate enough to never turn away a camper because they could not afford camp. If you would like more information on giving or receiving please contact us.